Top 10 Best British Movies Of All Time Impelreport

Top 10 Best British Movies Of All Time Impelreport. Here is the list of top 10 most popular british movies of all time. These are the famous movies that we collected for you and made a list so that you can easily find these movies from here.

  1. The Lady Vanishes: Alfred Hitchcock’s early career-defining thriller features all the trademarks of the master of suspense. Starring Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave, The Lady Vanishes takes place almost entirely on a train traveling through central Europe, methodically breaking down the mystery of a missing passenger.

The Lady Vanishes

2. Great Expectations: Widely considered the best Charles Dickens film, this Gothic adaptation from director David Lean delivers the same chills you got while reading about Pip’s interactions with the macabre characters floating through London.

Great Expectations

3. The Red Shoes: Before Natalie Portman battled an identity crisis in Black Swan, British ballet dancer Moira Shearer was grappling with her love for her crimson-colored satin toe pinchers and the opposite sex in this international Technicolor dream based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.The Red Shoes

4. The Third Man: Hailed as the best British film ever made by the British Film Institute, Carol Reed’s zither-scored crime drama about good and evil stars Orson Welles as a dead man, Joseph Cotton as the detective investigating his murder, and the sewers of the Italian city as themselves. This is film noir at its best.The Third Man

5. The Ladykillers: Though the Coens gave the Ealing Studios classic their best go, Tom Hanks and crew don’t stack up to Alec Guinness and his mugs. The story is simple bank robbers charade as musicians to hole up in an elderly woman’s residence and the comedy modest, but when strung together, it’s beautiful music.

The Ladykillers

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6. Horror of Dracula: There are too many Dracula films to count, but Terence Fisher’s taut thriller homage to Bram Stoker’s horror classic stands out. Not only is it the film that solidified British production company Hammer Films as a beast in the genre, but it stars Christopher Lee in an iconic fanged performance.

Horror of Dracula

7. The Innocents: An honest adaptation of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw, Jack Clayton’s atmospheric possession thriller—about a governess who believes the two creepy kids she cares for are possessed—still tingles the spine today thanks to scream queen Deborah Kerr’s commitment to hysteria.The Innocents

8. A Hard Day’s Night: Let’s be real there’s no British best-of anything without The Beatles, and it doesn’t get better than Richard Lester’s awards magnet of monochromatic mania, featuring the Fab Four rockin’ and a rollin’ to a show in London, comedic hijinks and chart-topping ditties aplenty.

'A Hard Day’s Night' (1964)

9. Alfie: This ground- and fourth wall-breaking comedy marks the moment Sir Michael Caine went from small-screen lothario to big-screen big deal. So what’s it all about? A womanizing bloke and his conquests, really, but it earned Caine his first Oscar nom and a great catchphrase.Alfie

10. A Clockwork Orange: Ultraviolent, sardonic science fiction starring the tour de force performance of an actor at the mercy of an eccentric director, this dystopian tale about a jailed gang leader (Malcolm McDowell) who agrees to aversion therapy in return for his freedom is a circus of madness that could be wrangled only by Stanley Kubrick.

A Clockwork Orange


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 Top 10 Best British Movies Of All Time Impelreport