Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport

01. Elves (1989)

When you join Nazis and Christmas, you do not need much more to be among the 21 best Christmas horror films . History takes us to World War II, where the Nazis make experiments with humans. The goal is to create an invincible army that conquers the world. Obviously, they fail in their intent and bury aberrations.

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport

But of course, decades later, Kirsten and her friends invoke the spirits of the forest. This coupled with the blood of Kirsten spills on the floor, by an accidental cut, will make one of the bugs relive. And watch out, I relive them because their blood is special and I can read that much. What can be said is that the bug will be charged to people as if there were no tomorrow. The best thing is that, because of his attire, everyone confuses him with an elf, assistant Santa Claus.

02. Krampus (2015)

The good thing about Krampus is that it combines to be one of the 21 best Christmas horror films , with an excellent comedy. The story begins when Max, the young protagonist, stops believing in Christmas, and Krampus is resurrected to take revenge for such an affront. Far from thinking about taking away the gifts, this mythological and evil being, seek to burden his entire family.

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport

If they want to survive, they should put aside their usual arguments, shouts and bad rolls and work together to put an end to Krampus. And, even if your family is a hell, it’s your hell.

03. Cursed New Year’s Eve (1980)

Year End Cursed is a manual slasher. Sneaks between the 21 best Christmas horror films because it was a precursor of what would be Scream years later, yes, making an explotation of what was on the bill at the end of the 70s.

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport

In Cursed New Year’s Eve, we have a television presenter who is persecuted by a psychopath, until she is charged. From there, the killer’s only goal is to charge everyone he catches. Of course, it will do it in the purest style, musical style that accompanies Cursed End of Year until the end of the film.

04. The Day of the Beast (1995)

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport

Álex de la Iglesia showed off with this black comedy with dyes of terror. Santiago Segur a (heavy) and Álex Angulo (priest) formed an ideal couple to fight against Satan. According to his calculations, the Lord of Darkness would return to life on December 25. In addition, he will do it in Madrid, so they have no choice but to stop him and, incidentally, recruit cronies.

The story will be complicated at times and the scenes that this film gives us are timeless works of art. Without going any further, the protagonists hanging from the famous poster of Schweppes

05. Nightmare before Christmas (1993)
What is not fear? Put it on a 10-year-old boy below to see how he sleeps that night. In addition, it is directed by Tim Burton, meaning that fear is intrinsic to the story. That’s why he sneaks into the 21 best Christmas horror movies.

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport

Of course, it should be noted that it is more black humor what gives. Now, when Jack Skeleton starts singing, there are children who fill their diapers all at once. Not recommended for children under 13, it should be. Especially considering that the production was handled by Touchstone , one of Disney’s licenses who, precisely, does the opposite with his films.

06. The Gingerdead Man (2005)

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport
Oddly enough, if a gingerbread cookie tries to kill you, it’s more scary than any other monster. This is what happens in The Gingerdead Man . A sweet and friendly delicacy that becomes a psychopath, thanks to the passion of a mother with her son murdered and to the ashes of this one. Thus, his spirit will go straight to the cookie, and from there he will make a massacre.

07. Feeders 2: Slay Bells (1998)
Feeders (1996), the original film, had a budget of 500 dollars . Much it seems to us, after seeing how lamentable rubber aliens, came to Earth to eat humans. It was a failure of criticism and public . In fact, he went directly to the video store. Now, the one that concerns us is Feeders 2, the second part launched two years later.

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport

In this sequel, suddenly, almost all the characters who died in the first appear alive. Hollywood things. However, Santa Claus will be the true protagonist. It turns out that the aliens collide with him, while they are coming to Earth. A shock that greatly angers Santa Claus, who swears revenge almost immediately.

08. The Envoy (1998)

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport
Dolph Lundgren , as a good He-Man that was, has kept the habit of saving the world when necessary. Even at Christmas. From the hand of Lukas Sadorov, his character in the series. The Envoy is capable of charging even demons and entities of hell, with the same ease that makes human beings unconscious.

However, who threatens the face of the planet, as we know him. For this, he intends to create a demonic apocalypse on the entire planet, and reign over it.

09. Sint (2010)Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport


Sint, or Saint translated into English, is a Dutch film that tells the story of Saint Nicholas , who brings gifts to children on December 6 … but with a different Saint, more bloody and more sadistic, who will leave death for all sides.

10. The Children (2008)

Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport

The Children is an English film that premiered in 2008. It is directed by Tom Shankland and tells the dark and black story of children who are beginning to change their attitude towards their parents , developing strange powers at Christmas.




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Top 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever Impelreport