Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Netflix Impelreport

Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Netflix Impelreport. The Netflix catalog is updated almost daily which forces us to regularly update our ranking of Netflix Spain’s best movies to 2018, here you will find a selection with the best movies that you can watch on Netflix in our country, from the best Action movies to historical dramas that will excite, a review of Netflix movies recommended that can well fix a boring afternoon. In addition, many of the good Netflix movies that we offer you are in high resolution and surround sound, with certain works even in Ultra HD 4K quality. Do not know what movies to watch on Netflix? Do not worry, all that we propose here are a guarantee of good movies and fun.

1. Les Misérables We started with one of the best musical films of all time. It is a film adaptation of the French musical Les Miserables, based on the homonymous novel by Victor Hugo. And, eye, it has a luxury cast: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried.

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2. Ip Man 2: If you like martial arts, this title is impressible for you: with Donnie Yen at the helm it brings us a second episode of the adventures of the river arrived in Hong Kong Ip Man that continues to defend, in the face of the distrust of its rivals, the style of fight that is dedicated: Wing Chun. P ronto conflicts with a local teacher named Hung Hung Fist Jan-nam. The tensions between the two masters of Kung fu will continue to increase until they are forced to fight a duel.

3. The Dark Knight: The so-called trilogy of the Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan has become the most popular version of Batman, one of his greatest achievements being to capture for the audience the audience that did not like superhero movies. Now, of the three films that make up the trilogy, we, like most of the viewers, are left with The Dark Knight. Currently you can find this movie in the Netflix catalog, along with others that are part of our special dedicated to the best films of comics and graphic novels.

4. Star Trek Into Darkness: After the reboot operated by the same JJ Abrams a few years before, the director and producer returned to the charge in 2013. If in Star Trek Abrams narrated the retcon of a timeline, due to a change in the past, with Star Trek: In the dark, he proposed the consequences of the change of continuity in the space-time fabric. As a tribute to The Wrath of Khan, Abrams reunited Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. This time, of course, the villain would not be Ricardo Montalbán in the role of Khan. The person responsible for retaking the role would be the British Benedict Cumberbatch. Better or worse? We’ll let you decide that when you get up to speed with this series on Netflix.

5. Looper: Rian Johnson was responsible for the script and direction of Looper, this curious science fiction film that allowed us to look to the future: in 2072 the murders are strictly forbidden, so the victims are sent through a time machine to the past, where the loopers, a group of hired assassins, are in charge of eliminating them and quickly disposing of their bodies.

6. Rush: Ron Howard signs Rush, one of the best films of his year of the premiere, taking as inspiration the epic real duel between Niki Lauda and James Hunt that came to put in serious risk the life of the first in the year 76 when a spectacular accident exposed him to hell inside your own car. Only six weeks later he returned to the circuits to try to revalidate his title of world champion.

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7. Argo: A film that we should have included in our special dedicated to the best cinema based on real events. With Argo Ben Affleck demonstrated his solvency as a director, far greater than as an actor by the way. The tape is based on a real operation known as Canadian Caper in 1979 during the rise of the Iranian revolution. The film exaggerates, as a historical fiction, the operation perpetrated by CIA agent Tony Mendez to remove a group of hostages from the country.

8. Captain America Civil War: There are those who have this title for the best of the best of Marvel movies in the movies, with clear permission from Captain America: The Winter Soldier . This Marvel film introduced Spider-man and the Black Panther into the UCM, narrating the confrontation and civil war of The Avengers, adapting the Civil War comic very freely. Along with other Marvel movies that you can see at present on Netflix, Captain America: Civil War is one of the great superhero films that you can see in the catalog of this video on demand platform.

9. Infiltrated: To say Martin Scorsese is to say the best cinema of mobsters . Proof of this is Infiltrados, a remake/adaptation of the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. In this story Scorsese moves the action to Massachusetts to tell a story of the Irish Mafia, but from several points of view: the mafioso, the corrupt policeman at your service, but also from the honest policeman who tries to enchironarlos both.

10. The Incredibles: The Incredibles have won the chevrons not only as one of the best superhero movies of all time, but also one of the best Pixar films . So much so that, with The Incredibles 2 on the horizon, return to see on Netflix this film inspired by the Fantastic 4 Marvel is almost mandatory.

The director Brad Bird was the person in charge of this very complete tape that treated numerous subjects. From the so-called “crisis of the 40”, to the problems of identity, the reconciliation of family life, the possibility of accepting oneself and also of taking responsibility for one’s actions. We will not deny it, we love The Incredibles, a film that every moviegoer should have at home.


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Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Netflix Impelreport