Top 10 Best Hollywood Sports Movies Of All Time Impelreport

Top 10 Best Hollywood Sports Movies Of All Time Impelreport. We come back with a new movie and with one of the best movies of a genre. On this occasion, we propose to review what are the  20 best sports films. We start with classic movies and some other documentary or Oscar-winning film and we are moving forward, reviewing some absurd comedy and also more modern and current movies.

1. The Endless Summer: Bruce Brown is the director of one of the first films dedicated to the world of sports. It is a documentary about the world of surfing, considered the best documentary film dedicated to Surfing. In this film, director Bruce Brown follows two surfers all over the world, who seek the perfect wave to perform their exploits. The Endless Summer had a second part, of a similar theme, shot almost 30 years later.

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2. Rocky: John G. Avildsen directed one of the most memorable films of the seventy and one of the most important sagas in the history of cinema. Rocky was an original script by Sylvester Stallone, who also starred in this film, based on a real case in which Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner (a local champion) fought for the heavyweight title. Grandly and tremendously iconic, Rocky is a unique gem. Still, we will not deny it, we are big fans of the entire Rocky saga.

3. Slap Shot: Slap Shot was known in Spain as El castañazo , a comedy film about the world of ice hockey. In this film, starring Paul Newman, a team in decline begins to discover how dirty play and violence on the track manages to reach the top positions in the classification, becoming the stars of the league. Due to extreme violence, El castañazo was harshly criticized at the time. Of course, it is still a hilarious film, not without some criticism in which one of the main problems of Hockey is reflected both in the big leagues, as in the small circuits.

4. Raging Bull: Raging Bull ( Wild Bull ) is based on real events, in the life of boxer Joe LaMotta. Martin Scorsese directed a brutal Robert DeNiro in a sickly story about a boxer with problems of self-control and anger, as well as other severe neuroses, which throws away his career due to his bad character and paranoid tendencies. Your wake will begin a plummeting as you get carried away by the drink and agree to rig battles for the Mafia. Undoubtedly, Toro Salvaje is a movie that you must see and the best of sports cinema.

5. Caddyshack: The late and always brilliant Harold Ramis directed this film starring his colleagues of Satudary Night Live. The club of the chalados ( Caddyshack ) was a satire about the exclusive golf clubs and the snobbery prevailing in them. Through the satire, the confrontation between several members was narrated, which served as an excuse for a humble caddy to climb. By the way, the club of the crazies would have a second part, which is better to forget.

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6. Chariots of Fire: Carros de Fuego was one of the greatest sports films of all time, based on a true story. More specifically in the Olympics in which British athletes ran Harold Abrahams and Eric Lidell. One, Hebrew by birth, seeking to overcome barriers and gain recognition. The other, a devout Catholic, who longed to reach gold. An epic tale about overcoming, Carros de Fuego won in his day a whopping 4 Academy Oscars, the best Film, original script, original soundtrack and costumes.

7. Victory: Evasion or victory brought together a luxury cast: Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, Max von Sydow, Pele … and everything to tell a sports film set in World War II, in full 1943. The commander of the Gensdorff concentration camp organizes a football match between the prisoners of his prison and the German national team. The party, however, will be a cover to organize a large evasion of prisoners. See Evasion or victory, you will not be disappointed.

8. The Natural: Barry Levinson directed Robert Redford in The Best ( The Natural ), based on the homonymous novel by Bernard Malamud. The film chronicles the return of an old baseball star, Roy Hobbs, to the sports world, when he takes over a team. However, Hobbs’ career was sprinkled with scandals, which led him to lead an anonymous life, so far. Are you ready to return to the world of sports? The best one is reedited in Blu-Ray and Dvd format.

9. White Men Can’t Jump: White Men Can not Jump was known in Spain as the whites do not know how to put it, a cult movie at the time about the world of basketball in the urban neighborhoods of the USA. Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes star in this film in which they embody two friends who play basketball, with their piques between them. However, the spikes will go further, including a substantial debt to some gangsters in the area. An eminently noventera film, the whites do not know how to put it has as many fans as detractors.

10. Space Jam: Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan team up ! When some aliens play with the Looney Tunes (the Warner dibus) the future of these to a basketball game, Bugs and Lucas must forcefully recruit Michael Jordan to win the match on which their lives depend. Hilarious and still fresh, we are sure that we will enjoy a lot doing the criticism of Space Jam. If you are interested in seeing it again, we remind you that there are very cool editions of Space Jam.

In fact, we already warned you that the genre of sports films has given a lot. From drama to action, going through comedy, war movies and even cartoons. Hence, we believe that you will find a quite heterogeneous list in this article dedicated to sports cinema . Anyway, we also tell you, the quality of these is very variable, but they are all emblematic in one way or another. We have considered that the label of “better” is associated with the weight they have had in popular culture and in the film industry.


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Top 10 Best Hollywood Sports Movies Of All Time Impelreport