Top 10 Hollywood Best Most Popular Movies 2017 Impelreport

Top 10 Best Movies

Top 10 Hollywood Best Most Popular Movies 2017 Impelreport. As always when I write these publications, I warn that I can obviously only make these listings with movies that I’ve seen and of course like the ones that always arrive at movie theaters are Hollywood Blockbusters, there is usually a strong tendency for them to be this type of movies those that appear in the list. But well, without further ado let’s start to see what are the 10 best films of this year 2017 UNTIL NOW.

10:- American Assassin 4.80

American Assassin
A breath of fresh air for the bunch of unsavory action movies that exist today because of Hollywood mamertismo.

9:- Blade Runner 2049 4.87

Blade Runner 2049

A film that must be seen with an agile and alert mind, in order to appreciate the moral implications it presents in the midst of an exquisite cinematography and a scathing critique of the dependence that we as a species have on technology.

8:- The Autopsy of Jane Doe 4.88

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Film of terror and suspense that achieves what many of its kind do not achieve: to make the spectator feel uncomfortable.

7:- Everything, Everything 4.90

Everything, Everything

A film where all good direction and great chemistry of the actors are connected, through the recognition and respect of the premise, an existential question, about how we prefer to live, favoring quality, or perhaps quantity.

6:- IT 4.92


IT, directed by the Argentinian Andy Muschietti, reminds us that all those stages that we believe are between childhood and adulthood are mere social constructions and that this transformation, beyond the physical, is not a path that takes decades to travel, but only a step that can take place in an instant that, yes, can seem eternal.

5: Split 4.94


A film that talks about the need to face the worst of enemies that human beings can have: their own traumas locked in their own darkness. Fabulous, that could well become a classic. Good for Shyamalan!

4:- Kong, The Skull Island 4.94

Kong, The Skull Island

It is one of those very rare films that achieve multiple objectives at the same time, in this case paying tribute to a great movie icon, telling a human and credible story and also opening the way to a franchise. Not bad for director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, in his debut in big-budget films. Nothing bad.

3:- The Wonder Woman 4.95

The Wonder Woman

A film that despite a few entry tripping, manages to get up and become a film piece that stands out in the superhero movie cluster, delivering a message that goes beyond frivolity, action sequences and cheap jokes.

2:  Alien Covenant 5.00

Alien Covenant

Alien: Covenant not only manages to be a decent sequel to Prometheus , but it constitutes a worthy addition to the Alien Universe, mixing an entertaining movie, a powerful premise, a striking story and excellent performances.

1:- Moonlight 5.00


I can say that I understand perfectly all the hype generated around the tape, and also confirmed that it was a fair contender for La La Land, and better, more than worthy of the Oscar Award that embarrassingly delivered minutes after having declared that as a winner.

Bonus Film

John Wick: Chapter 2:

A film that lovers of the films of Schwarzenegger, Tarantino, and even some of the art cinema could enjoy. Maybe, as it happened to me, it’s just a matter of looking at what is barely obvious.


Life shows that an ALIEN movie can be produced, without Ridley Scott, without Sigourney Weaver and even without ALIEN himself. And that even better is produced.

War of the Planet of the Apes:
Matt Reeves achieves something that seemed impossible: close the story of César with the best of the three films of this amazing reboot Planet of the Apes. It is talking about one of the best trilogies in the history of cinema and no wonder. This third chapter is everything that should be a blockbuster, exciting and spectacular, with credible characters that matter to you and the ability to leave you stuck in the seat. Special mention for the visual effects: the level of realism in the apes is amazing.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

James Gunn again overcomes the challenge of making a blockbuster without losing its author stamp, this time complicating and expanding everything, as requested by any sequel. An amazing soundtrack, very funny characters and unexpected twists in an exciting adventure for all audiences that exceed the first delivery.


James Mangold shattered the expectations and limitations associated with modern superhero movies with this adult, violent and exciting twilight drama. A proof that the subgenre is not exhausted; all it takes is a bold approach, an adequate filmmaker and enough freedom on the part of the studio. In the end, as was clear here, we all won.

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Top 10 Hollywood Best Most Popular Movies 2017 Impelreport


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