Top 10 Lesbian Movies That You Must See Before Dying Impelreport

One of my favorite plans has always been to stay at my house, buy popcorn and lie down on the sofa to watch movies that motivate me.
Although watching movies is also an excellent option for a weekend with friends. So today I bring you an updated list of the best lesbian movies, many of which have given me a new perspective on the world. Take note!

1. Blue Is the Warmest Color

Blue Is the Warmest Color

This movie has become a classic since its premiere in 2013.

It’s about a girl who has a quiet life, until she meets a strange blue-haired woman on the street. Later, he finds this girl in a bar, and from there his life will change completely.

He enters into an identity crisis in which he does not know if he likes boys or girls (come on, we’ve all passed through there) and knows new things like desire, lust, maturity and responsibility for his actions.

It does not have a very happy ending, but at least you will be delighted with some little scenes of so much love.

2. Carol


It is one of the newest movies of this category, released in 2014. It has been listed as the best LGBT + movie of all time, and not in vain.

Set in the classic New York of the 50s, is the story of a girl who meets a married woman but dissatisfied with her husband, and both are involved in a vortex of love, secrets and passion.

3. But I’m a Cheerleader

But I'm a Cheerleader

A movie that will make you laugh with laughter. It is the story of a girl who thinks that she is heterosexual, even though all her family and friends think she is a lesbian, so they send her to a place where she will receive a sexual reordering treatment.

However, that trick goes completely wrong, because there Megan will realize that everyone was right: yes, she is a lesbian.

4. Red Roses

Red Roses

This movie is going to melt you with love. Tells the story of a romance between a newly married woman and the girl who made the flower arrangements at her wedding. That timely! They are just known in marriage and, as the relationship progresses, feelings also develop between them.

5. Monster

In short, it is not the most romantic movie of which I will speak to you today. It is based on real events, and tells the story of a prostitute who was executed in 2002, after having confessed to being the author of 6 murders.

It all begins when Wuornos, the prostitute, is about to commit suicide because of her lifestyle, just when she stumbles upon Selby, a girl who lives with her aunt so that homosexuality can be taken away (which in those times they still believed was possible). .

Wournos, despite his tragic past, falls in love with the pretty girl, but refuses to stop working as a prostitute. On one occasion, one of her clients tries to mistreat her and she murders him, starting a series of homicides that will end in her own death. It is the story of love and passion of two women who turned their backs on society.

6. Breathe

If you like auteur cinema, you can not miss this film. It is a difficult friendship between Charlie, a girl whose parents are about to divorce, and Sarah, the typical teenager who is new to her school with a dark past that will lead her to despair. Charlie falls in love with Sarah, and both see a small light in their lives, but it will not last long.

Mélanie Laurent, the brilliant director of this feature film, is capable of sustaining a sexual tension that is not resolved between the two girls. The end is everything, less predictable.

7. Below Her Mouth

below her mouth

Fresh out of the oven, this film was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2016. It tells the story of two girls (Jasmine and Dallas) whose paths converge in Toronto and from that moment start an intense love story. Safety pin!

In addition, it has a characteristic: that the production team was composed entirely of women.

8. Love Song

LovesongAnother movie recently released. It tells, in a simple and modest way, the friendship between Sarah and Mindy, who embark on a road trip to escape their problems for a while. On this trip their relationship begins to change, and they separate, partly to escape from it and avoid damaging their friendship.

However, years later they are at Mindy’s wedding, and what they once felt cannot be silenced any longer.

9. A summer love

Summer of Love

An interesting French film from 2016 set in the unstable decade of the 70s, when the feminist revolt was at its peak.

Delphine, tired of family oppression, decides to go to Paris and start a new life, where she meets Carole, a strong feminist who lives with Miguel and with whom she will know true love.

A film that recounts the confrontation of two completely different personalities, and an ode to those who took the first step for the rights that were denied to women for so long.

10. Tipping The Velvet

tipping the velvetThis movie enters the genre of historical novel, and is about Nancy, a girl who has a crush on a male impersonator, Kitty. Both become friends and when Kitty is offered work in London, Nancy accompanies her. From that moment begins a period of self-discovery, changes and maturity for Nan, leaving the comfort of his home to enter the cruel city.

Come on, quit the routine and make excuses. With some concentration exercises that Gananci offers you will be able to finish your tasks and jobs in record time, and lie down in the armchair to enjoy these big screen hits.

Top 10 Lesbian Movies That You Must See Before Dying Impelreport