Top 10 Most Popular 2017 Action Hollywood Movies Impelreport

Top 10 Most Popular 2017 Action Hollywood Movies Impelreport. The favorite films of the writing in 2017 and the most anticipated of 2018, it’s time to focus on a specific genre, and one of our favorites, everything is said: choreographed kicks, explosions and shots to the beat of the music. Yes, we talk about the action, and like in any good self-respecting film, we’re not going to make you wait any longer and we go directly to … Yes, to that. With all of you the 10 best action movies of 2017.

Today we review the best action films of 2017 in a Top 10 that includes tapes of the caliber of Dunkirk, John Wick: Covenant of Blood, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Thor Ragnarok, Logan or Wonder Woman. Are your favorites?

1.Resident Evil The Final Chapter

With Resident Evil The Final Chapter, Paul WS Anderson marks the most solvent and entertaining episode of the entire Resident Evil series in which nothing is missing giving it a fair ending.

2. Baby Driver

In Baby Driver, Edgar Wright marks an exercise in style in which music and editing are everything and the story and the characters are in the background. Very enjoyable for its shape, less for the background.

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3. Thor Ragnarok

The tone of the saga centered on Thor changes completely in Thor Ragnarok, an entertaining movie and funny moments that leaves, yes, little after the viewing. It does not disappoint but neither captivates nor lends us a springboard from which to jump to the main plot: it is too anecdotal.

4. Kingsman The Golden Circle

Vaughan returns to the charge with Kingsman: The Golden Circle, entertaining and effective second episode: being more concise it would have been more round, but in any case, it fulfills its purpose without problem and presents new characters that will be exploited, surely, in a third delivery.

5. Logan

Logan is the best film of Wolverine alone and a rare avis in which the mythology of Marvel meets the western to introduce us to a character in the twilight of his days, in search of redemption.

6. Wonder Woman

Excellent as an action and entertainment movie, the Wonder Woman by Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins has been hitting hard and establishing a solid base for the superheroine solo. To enjoy it as a small child.


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7. John Wick: Blood Covenant

The return of John Wick is memorable from the opening sequence: a feast for lovers of action and a cliffhanger that leaves us awaiting the third installment of the adventures of this impolite murderer.

8. Atomic

9. Dunkirk

With Dunkirk, Nolan explores the war cinema in a tremendously human and immersive way. See this jewel in IMAX if you have occasion.

10. Blade Runner 2049


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Top 10 Most Popular 2017 Action Hollywood Movies Impelreport