Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Drama Movies Impelreport

Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Drama Movies Impelreport. The long list of Netflix releases, the A Good Movie to Watch site made a list of the best movies that debuted this year on Netflix. It’s not just about movies this year, but about productions that entered the platform in 2017. We took some titles from that list, and added other good films that came to Netflix Colombia. And these are some premieres that maybe you did not see.

  1. Lion: This film, full of awards and nominations, is about a child from India who ends thousands of miles from home. 25 years later, after being adopted by an Australian couple, he embarks on a journey through his memories, and continents, in search of his biological family. Dev Patel plays the role of Saroo, and Nicole Kidman plays the Australian mother who adopts it.

2. Sing Street: The story takes place in Dublin in the 80s. The family of a young man from a Catholic school faces economic problems. The boy begins a musical band with the aim of impressing a woman of his dreams. The film is full of youth lessons and experiences, as well as lots of music from the eighties. And a ‘plus’ is that it acts Aidan Guillen, who plays the role of Little Finger in ‘Game of Thrones’.

3. The Overnighters: This documentary records the real-life efforts of a pastor in the state of North Dakota, Jay Reinke, to provide shelter for immigrant workers. His two-year project ends up being called ‘The Overnight Program’. The film is a documentary full of awards, which exposes a real problem in the United States, but also demonstrates the level of altruism of some people.

4. The Best Offer: This film is full of symbolism and references to modern art. Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush) asks Robert, to conquer a socially strange woman, in order to steal his fortune. But the young man ends up falling in love with the woman, although in an unconventional way. What started as a common scam ends up being a mystery, obsessed by the old con man. The film is directed by the Oscar-winning director, Giuseppe Tornatore.

5. Death Note: This film is one of the first adaptations of ‘live action’ of a classic anime. Its premiere aroused much criticism, mainly because the film has a Western style, which obviously differs from the Asian origin of the initial story. However, one of the virtues of the film is that thanks to it, many young people have been interested in the anime, to see the original series and learn more about that genre.

6. What happened to Monday: This science fiction thriller, directed by Tommy Wirkola, premiered in August of this year. It is a future era in which families in the world can only legally have a child, due to overpopulation. But a woman gives birth to septillizas, and then dies. So her grandfather, Terrence, names them with the days of the week and trains them to pretend to be the same person, with the name of his deceased mother. Girls can only leave the house on the day of the week that matches their own name.

7. The Babysitter: ‘The nanny’ or ‘Babysitter’ tells a story of comedy and horror, about a young man who falls in love with his attractive nanny (Bella Thorne). But he does not know that the young woman is actually a kind of leader of a satanic cult. The child must flee from the diabolical retinue of his nanny, if I want to survive. It’s one of those movies to pass the time, that will make you laugh and maybe at some point, give you a scare.

8. The Meyerowitz Stories: This film stars Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller. It is about several adults with different problems and own conditions, who try to live together with their father. He has good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and a good rating on The Guardian. It evaluates some concepts related to family relationships, and values between siblings and children.

9. Zodiac: This film is directed by the acclaimed David Fincher and is based on a book with the same name, written by Robert Graysmith. It’s a great movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey, Jr. It’s the tireless pursuit of a newspaper cartoonist to find the serial killer who calls himself ‘Zodiac’. The story was real, in the decade of the 60s and 70s, in the area of San Francisco Bay. The artist is called Robert Graysmith, as the author of the book, who in real life became obsessed with the case of the ‘Zodiac’. Graysmith helped decode the criminal’s letters.

10. Gerald’s Game: This original Netflix production was one of the films that caught the attention this year on the platform, because it is based on the book with the same name by Stephen King. The adaptation manages to capture the horror story of a woman who is tied to a bed when her husband dies. Without anyone untying her or hearing her screams, she must struggle to survive. Between her hallucinations, she talks to her dead husband, to herself and to her “I” from the past, who suffered a dramatic episode.


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Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Drama Movies Impelreport