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Many football fans will have their eyes glued to the TV this Sunday, watching every move between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots during Super Bowl LII, but music fans will enjoy the show for a very different reason: to watch the probably impressive Half Time Show starring Justin Timberlake, in his first presentation after the famous nipplegate incident with Janet Jackson in 2004.

Super Bowl Half-Time Shows

Of course, the much-anticipated JT presentation has us thinking about the other half-time shows that have preceded it. From Prince to Madonna, through the Patti LaBelle show inspired by Indiana Jones (yes, that happened), many artists have performed in the field, not everyone has done great.

See which shows reached our Top 10 of the Best Half-Time Shows (spoilers alert: neither Katy Perry nor Coldplay is on this list).

# 10: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (2008): His presentation has been underestimated because obviously, it was not as flashy as the others, but the Petty set was full of solid rock hits like American Girl, Will not Back Down, Free Fallin’, and Running Down to Dream. Ten years ago he arrived, he complied and he smiled.
Rest in peace, heartbreaker.

# 9: Rolling Stones (2006): The guys in this band will be rocking until they’re underground (and if you know how they used to party, that must have happened a long time ago). No matter when or where the Stones have performed, Mick Jagger and his disobedient friends have been giving big shows for 55 years. That was the case when they turned on the audience with songs like Rough Justice and (I Can not Get No) Satisfaction. Mick lives by the emotion of live performances and we live to see them.

# 8: Aerosmith , Britney Spears, N’Sync , Nelly & Mary J. Blige (2001): Basically, each and every one of the people in the entertainment industry were in this scenario. It was a pandemonium. The show happened during the best moment of the boy bands, the pop stars and the pink songs. This pre-September 11 show happened in a simpler, innocent moment, when Britney Spears and Timberlake were still a powerful couple, BritBrit had not yet had any of its crises, N Sync was still in sync and that was when the world believed that celebrities could be together forever.

# 7: Madonna, CeeLo Green, and LMFAO (2012): It was a spectacular show, which had costumes of Cleopatra, a gospel choir and something with some cheerleaders. We are sorry. You felt it Football felt it.

# 6: Sting, Shania Twain and No Doubt (2003): Sting first woke up the audience with his version of a classic, Message in a Bottle . Gwen Stefani impacted the audience with her steel abs, baggy pants and shiny holder. Everything was an explosion and people loved it.

# 5: Diana Ross: Former Supremes was more than supreme when he captivated Super Bowl XXX. The queen starred in four impressive costume changes in just four minutes. The eternal artist sang You Keep Me Hanging on , Baby Love and I Will Survive , before leaving by helicopter, as only Diana Ross can.

# 4: Beyoncé (2013): After doubling the national anthem at the opening ceremony of Obama’s second term, Bey knew he needed to give it all in the Super Bowl. And that’s what he did. Jay-Z made it clear that she was singing live from the New Orleans Superdome. In the middle of the presentation he basically caused a heart attack to his fans when Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joined him for a Destiny’s Child meeting . Slay, Bey, slaaaaaaaay!

# 3: Lady Gaga: Lady G sang God Bless America and then literally jumped off the roof as she started singing Poker Face . It was exciting, exaggerated and all Gaga all the time. The fans were gaga with the presentation. There was no dress of flesh, blood or giant eggs, just a performance full of action that made us think that the singer of Bad Romance was born for that scenario.

# 2: Michael Jackson (1993): In a masterful move that only the King of Pop could do, MJ remained standing on the stage for 90 full seconds (remember that you only have 13 minutes maximum), without moving. He had the audience in the palm of his hand when he started singing Jam . The teacher then sang Billy Jean and Black and White . There were fedoras, crotches, turns, kicks and lots of entertainment. Then he used the entire Rose Bowl audience to create a giant portrait of some guys while he was singing Heal the World . The musician set a high standard for the Half-Time Shows.

# 1: Prince (2007): I’m sorry if you thought that the first place would go to Bey. You were wrong Prince perfected the Super Bowl Half-Time performances when he played Purple Rain in the rain during Super Bowl XLI. His iconic setlist included We Will Rock You, Let’s Go Crazy, Baby I’m a Star , Proud Mary , All Along the Watchtower and Best of You . Before 100 thousand people and in the midst of a literal storm, Prince proved to everyone that he is the king of the rain. That night we all won.


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Top 10 Super Bowl Half-Time Shows Impelreport