Top 5 Different Trending Ways To Do Yoga in London 2018 Impelreport

Yoga is one of the most modern training that has become fashionable all over the world. And London is not far behind. New studies and events are constantly emerging around the British capital. Londoners love the practice because it is as much a way to de-stress as it is to give your body a good workout. But there are many ways to practice this sport. And, in this article, we show you the best and most fun that can be done in the city.

Top 5 Different Trending Ways To Do Yoga in London 2018 Impelreport

1. Acroyoga
Acroyoga includes a combination of associated yoga sequences, assisted inversions, therapeutic and acrobatic flight. No prior knowledge is required, you just need enthusiasm and energy.

Acroyoga yoga

2. Doga
A new way of doing yoga but with the company of your dog. According to its creator, Doga is a human yoga practice that helps improve the natural bond we have with our pet. The main objective of this activity is to work on the natural symbiotic relationship that exists with dogs, that is, in the close and persistent relationship that exists between two organisms of different biological species. Something that will help, for example, to release tension, stress or reduce anxiety.

Doga yoga

3. Beer Yoga
Beer Yoga has crossed borders to arrive and settle in the United Kingdom. Classes are based on a branch of yoga called Vinyasa. This form of yoga is based on a series of connected postures through rhythmic breathing in order to create a specific pattern of energy and strength in the body. Each class has a duration of one hour whose price reaches 12 pounds. In addition, the price includes a beer and a mat at no additional cost.

Beer Yoga

4. Hotpod Yoga
It’s relaxing and challenging because you’re in a giant inflatable capsule filled with air at 37 degrees. The facilities are simple and there are water and sandwiches to satisfy your appetite and keep you hydrated. The instructors are very encouraging, but they do not pressure you to do something that you feel you can not.

Hotpod Yoga

5. Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga is based on alignment and yoga techniques, using a wide hanging Aerial Sling to help move through traditional yoga postures. By supporting your body weight in the Aerial Sling, you help access these postures and deep stretches in a more relaxed way.

Aerial Yoga

One of the main characteristics of the use of a yoga hammock is its ability to decompress the spine and mitigate the stress of the joint as you practice stretching and positions supported by the sling.

Top 5 Different Trending Ways To Do Yoga in London 2018 Impelreport