Top 5 Rules You Must Follow to Have a Radiant Brown Skin

Beauty rules can not be generalized. Not all of us use the same protector, we react differently to certain ingredients, and the skin varies according to many factors.

And although there is a lot of information on the internet about skin care, when it comes to dark skin, it is much more difficult to find tips that apply to the brunette.

Today we explore with the help of two beauty gurus the best tips to have a resplendent face:

Have the oil under control.

“People with cinnamon skin tend to produce more fat on their face, so they should use products that do not comedogenic and do not clog pores,” DermWarehouse dermatologist and founder Alan J. Parks said in an interview for

Radiant Brown Skin

Parks recommends Glytone’s oily skin cleanser, or BlackUp’s purifying gel. The latter is a French brand that is also known for its variety of shades in base.

Stop taking out the granites.

Yes, it is very tempting and pleasant to squeeze a grain. But considering that dark-complexioned girls are more likely to be left with marks, those pimples that you got out of hand can then turn into spots that will then take a long time to heal. Dermatologist Carlos A. Charles advises his patients to avoid touching those white spots at all costs. Instead of removing them, moisten a swab in benzoyl peroxide and place it on the granite. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, benzoyl peroxide can remove the bacteria that causes acne. And the myth that it can discolor your skin is just that, a myth.

Radiant Brown Skin

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The sunscreen is a MUST.

According to Dr. Park, brunettes are more likely to discolor themselves from injuries caused by acne and the sun makes those spots that are already dark, get worse, so it is important that you always use sunscreen.

Radiant Brown Skin

If you are prone to acne on your forehead and temples, the problem may be your hair products

There is a name for this type of acne: acne ointment. Many times the oil in your hair can clog pores in the areas around the hairline. The AAD recommends changing your hair products to those that contain water or glycerin (instead of oil).

Radiant Brown Skin

Another good habit to adopt: use hair oil only from the middle to the ends, so you will have less chance of getting in contact with your face. And finally, ALWAYS wash your bandana to avoid transferring dirt and grease to your skin.

Give oily cleaners a chance

Although it sounds contradictory to all that we just mentioned, oily cleansers work on oily skin!

And is that this product to be made oils containing antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties dissolves the oil produced by your face. In addition, the oil acts very delicately on the skin.

Radiant Brown Skin

The best way to apply it is to start by placing a wet towel with warm water on your face for a minute. Then, rub a little of the cleanser with oil of your preference on the skin. Use the same towel to remove the oil.



Top 5 Rules You Must Follow to Have a Radiant Brown Skin