Top 8 Artists Celebrities High On Dr3gs Smoke M*rijuana Impelreport

There are many artists who have been in the eye of the hurricane to be seen on various occasions using drugs, this time we will count 10 famous known to consume the known ” marijuana .”

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Lindsay Lohan: Known for being a very controversial artist who lasted many years in the mouth of his fans for his high addiction of marijuana , and is that Lohan has gone many times to rehabilitation.

Lindsay Lohan

Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg is known worldwide for smoking marijuana and for defending the use of this drug.

Snoop Dogg

Miley Cyrus: Although the American has restrained her image in recent months and has ceased to be so controversial, the singer once said she considered that as she does not have “who smoked so much.”

Miley Cyrus

Rihanna: The use of marijuana for Rihanna is nothing new because in repeated occasions and in different places it has been seen consuming this drug without any inconvenience, in fact the singer accepts that she likes to smoke marijuana .



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Chris Brown: Chris Brown has been very controversial because on one occasion a photograph of smoking marijuana was posted on social networks , and if we remember, the singer Rihanna’s ex was found consuming drugs at a rehabilitation center. He replied that it was good for depression.

Chris Brown

Lady Gaga: The singer is another of the actresses who has confessed to being addicted to marijuana , and shows a button are the different images posted on their social networks where you can see smoking.

Lady Gaga

Morgan Freeman: The talented actor known to be one of the best, has confessed that he smokes marijuana and has promoted legalization of this drug for many years.

Morgan Freeman

Cameron Diaz: The 45-year-old sexy actress confessed that she used drugs in her youth, but many remember a photograph in which she is seen smoking with Drew Barrymore.

Top 8 Artists Celebrities High On Dr3gs Smoke M*rijuana Impelreport


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Top 8 Artists Celebrities High On Dr3gs Smoke M*rijuana Impelreport