Trump Retraces His Attacks Against Beijing Impelreport

“I do not blame China for anything” in commercial matters”

Trump Retraces His Attacks Against Beijing Impelreport

Trump Retraces His Attacks Against Beijing Impelreport. Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jiping signed commercial agreements in the order of 253,400 million dollars. He also asked China “to be fully involved” in the search for a solution to the challenge of North Korea.

Gone are the harsh attacks that throughout the election campaign launched the Republican candidate against Beijing, which accused of “stealing” millions of employees to the United States and take full advantage of an unbalanced trade balance. The Donald Trump speech in the Chinese capital itself and in front of President Xi Jiping turned 180 degrees. Even said that there was “good chemistry” between the two.

“I do not blame China for anything, after all, who can blame a country that takes advantage of another for the good of its citizens?” He said during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, in which they reached agreements commercials in the amount of 253,400 million dollars.

In terms of trade, the US president said it was bad that previous governments allowed the imbalance of the bilateral exchange of goods and services, but could do just for both parties, at the beginning of their formal talks in the Great Hall of the People of Beijing.

In the first 10 months of the year, the US trade deficit with China reached 223,000 million dollars.

“We have to remedy it because this cannot continue like that for our big American companies and our big workers, it’s just not sustainable,” Trump said.

This series of agreements, in sectors, as varied as energy, the automotive sector, aeronautics, the food industry and electronics, were signed during the meeting of both leaders in Beijing.

These agreements include the deals announced on the eve by 9,000 million dollars.

Although some of the announcements are non-binding protocols, the sums are dizzying and the beneficiaries include large companies such as DowDuPont, Caterpillar, General Electric, Honeywell or Qualcomm. Read The Changes in America After One-Year of Trump from impelreport updates.

Trump Retraces His Attacks Against Beijing Impelreport


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