Trust Me 2017 BBC Tv Show Series Review Impelreport

Cath Hardacre is a head of nursing in a public hospital in Sheffield, who when trying to denounce the deplorable conditions of some patients in the center, due to legal corporatism, ends up getting stuck in the street and totally discredited to obtain a job as a nurse.

Her personal situation, separated and with a young girl, coupled with her sudden unemployment, plunges her into total despair, so she impulsively decides to take the decision to impersonate her best friend Dr. Sutton, who will leave the hospital to go and get married and settle in New Zealand.

Trust Me

After appropriating the credentials and curriculum of the doctor, she finds it difficult to find work in a small hospital in Edinburgh, which is not exactly the best in the city. In the first video you can see the job interview to enter as a doctor and restart your new life under another name.

“Trust Me” follows the schemes of the series of supplanting people in positions superior to their experience, so that after the establishment of their new life and work, two fronts are opened for which it can be discovered.

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On the one hand we have the job as a nurse doing a doctor in the emergency room, with the advantages and disadvantages involved, before the surprised look of his new colleagues, including his direct boss, played by Elum Elliot, with whom the most fans of “Game of Thrones” you can play to recognize your character in that series.

The personal front is nourished by characters from his previous life, starting with his ex-husband and father of his daughter, who hides the details of his new job beyond his transfer to Edinburgh and that as you can imagine is going to be another potential source of conflicts.

Trust Me

The plot of the series has seemed very close to me, starting with its own initial approach, which makes it hard to believe that in 2017, with the huge fingerprint we have, no one can verify in a reliable way the credentials of the nurse turned into a doctor, especially when later they use that trace to make the plot advance in a rather sloppy way.

The character of Cath appears to us as a person of irreproachable morality and incapable of lying, as if that were a kind of mitigation for the whole series of traps and outrages that commits then, which can endanger the lives of patients, with the excuse that everything is for the good of his family and his daughter.

Unfortunately the shed falls under its own weight as the episodes pass in a kind of continuous flight forward, to the open end of the 1T, light years of characters of similar evolution towards evil networks.

The presence of Jodie Whitaker is continuous throughout the series with a quite disconcerting performance, alternating moments that gave embarrassment to others with a maudlin gestures and uncoordinated with the rest of the action, especially in the personal field, while instead in the hospital he is much more convincing, especially when he tries to get out of the berenjenales in which he is stuck among the emergencies that come to him.

In Broadchurch is not that I convinced myself much as an actress, so I fear the worst when I start with “Doctor Who”, for the desire to tear it up that many fans have since announced, with macho arguments that give real grimace to listen , that I only hope that her work, in spite of my initial reluctance, as an actress, can silence me.

“Trust me” is one of those discrete series whose main attraction is alien to it, so if you consider yourself “Whovians” pro and need to know in depth Jodie Whitaker the actress who will give life to the thirteenth incarnation, do not doubt to take a look to know what you’re going through, I’m very clear that I’ll continue without seeing it.

I leave you with the trailer for the presentation of the series on the BBC.


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Trust Me 2017 BBC Tv Show Series Review Impelreport