Westworld Just Debuted It’s Most Confusing and Mind-Blowing Episode Yet

Before we hop into what may be the most befuddling scene this Westworld TV Series season, it’s imperative to take note of the whole of the current week’s Westworld (put something aside for a couple of scenes in the present), occurred in one day and age: Two-ish weeks prior. As such, every character’s storyline is at long last happening all the while, which makes life somewhat less demanding. Be that as it may, just marginally. On that note!


A week ago, we discovered that the Cradle is a recreation unit that Delos uses to test/store stories. It additionally contains the majority of the hosts’ reinforcement records. This week we adapted SO MUCH MORE. In light of a legitimate concern for sparing everybody time, I will separate things as essentially as could be expected under the circumstances:

1) As we guessed a couple of scenes back, Ford was endeavoring to beat James Delos unexpectedly by attempting to clone himself. Yet, Ford realized that he’d corrupt on the off chance that he set his clone mind into a fake human body like James Delos, so he felt free to embedded said clone mind unit into the Cradle, and it’s been relaxing in there, upsetting code from that point forward.

Westworld TV Series

2) Reddit was correct: the Cradle = the Weapon. At the end of the day, it enables Delos to test-drive accounts, which implies it additionally enables them to test human responses to those stories. Delos can utilize the Cradle to see potential adaptations without bounds, which conveys us to their definitive plan….

3) Delos has been utilizing the Cradle to test situations and screen/record human conduct—all in the expectations of influencing people more host-to like. As Bernard puts it: “The recreation center is an experiment…a testing chamber. The visitors are the factors, and the hosts are the controls. The visitors go to the recreation center, they don’t know they’re being viewed. They get the chance to see their actual selves. Their each decision uncovers another piece of their discernment. Their drives. With the goal that Delos can comprehend them. So Delos can duplicate them.” Westworld TV Series

As it were, Delos has been going down the human personality and making it into a huge hard drive (AKA the Cradle) with the goal that eventually, people can live everlastingly—simply like the hosts.

What’s Inside Peter Abernathy?

Transforms out Delos transferred an encryption enter into Abernathy’s head—a “safeguard on a safeguard” that is probably a duplicate of the data the Cradle holds. Dolores is currently the sole individual possessing this key (she hacked it out of her father’s skull, poor man)— which means she conceivably grasps the strict future.

Westworld TV Series

Pause, So Ford and Bernard Are the Same Person Now?

While in the Cradle, Ford reveals to Bernard that Dolores programed him in Arnold’s picture. So those scenes of Dolores apparently testing Bernard a week ago? Better believe it, certainly not the consequence of her pushing Teddy’s cerebrum unit in Bernard’s body, as a few fans speculated.

Westworld TV Series

It’s not super clear, but rather I trust the reason Ford can basically foresee what’s to come is on account of he’s as of now test-driven this whole robot defiance in the Cradle. Which clarifies why he knew Angela would explode the framework, and why he’d have to get himself into Bernard’s body. Westworld TV Series What we presently have is Bernard—who seems, by all accounts, to be more cognizant than any other time in recent memory—joined with Ford, who’s at last controlling him. It’s confounding AF—particularly considering just a single control unit was returned to Bernard’s host shell (how forded get in there?!).

What stays significantly more baffling is the flashback discussion in Season 2 Episode 1, amid which Dolores and Bernard visit about a fantasy Bernard had including water. When I initially viewed their discussion, it appeared pretty clear that Bernard was discussing the scene underneath:

Westworld TV Series

Also, now, notwithstanding realizing that their discussion occurred a very long time previously, regardless I think Bernard is referencing this mass suffocating (which happens in the present course of events)— and I don’t really believe he’s omniscient or ready to see what’s to come. Or maybe, Ford is, on account of the Cradle. Is it conceivable that when this flashback amongst Dolores and Bernard was occurring, Ford had officially tried the situation we’re seeing playing out present-day? Furthermore, he by one means or another transferred that data into Bernard to set him up for his inevitable part in the disobedience?

A Note on the Door

The Man dressed in Black has been looking for the Door as a feature of Ford’s new amusement throughout the entire season, and Ford specified it amid a discussion with Bernard this week. All the more particularly, he clarified that Bernard’s benevolent nature makes him an objective, and the best way to spare him is by “opening the Door.” He at that point continued to expect control of Bernard’s body. So…is “the Door” a human+host half and half? Furthermore, assuming this is the case, why has the MiB been advised to scan for it?

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Maeve and The Man dressed in Black

Along these lines, both Maeve and The Man dressed in Black are kinda-perhaps dead (gracious, and furthermore Lawrence and Clementine), which RIP! The Man dressed in Black was shot and possibly executed by a few people, while Maeve was shot by Delos agents as her little girl was grabbed by Ghost Nation.

It stays indistinct A) What Ghost Nation’s arrangement is, and B) Whether Maeve will get the restorative treatment she should be resuscitated. My contemplations on the issue are: A) Ghost Nation is subtly the great folks, and B) Lee Sizemore will compensate for selling out Maeve by closing up the entirety of her injuries.


Is Ford Still in Bernard? An Investigation

Before you accept that Ford has subtly been prowling in Bernard amid all present-day scenes, be exhorted that something extremely peculiar is going ahead with Bernard’s body. As we probably am aware, Present-Day Bernard is unmistakable because of the absence of scar on his brow. All things considered, lemme simply ahead and whip out my side-by-sides. Here’s Present-Day Bernard this week:

Westworld TV Series

Then, Two Weeks Ago Bernard was conspicuous because of a scar on his head that he’s been donning in each and every scene. Up to this point. I saw that this week, that Bernard left the Cradle WITHOUT a scar:

So I re-observed a week ago’s scene and found that he likewise entered the Cradle sans scar. The last time we saw scarred Bernard was a week ago, as he and Elsie entered the passage into the Mesa.

He likewise had the scar for a couple of pre-Cradle “meandering around the plateau” scenes—yet the second he was down in the Cradle with Elsie, he was scar-less. Things being what they are, would we say we are seeing two unique Bernards? Is the Bernard that Ford “had” an unexpected Bernard in comparison to the person who entered the Mesa with Elsie? Or on the other hand, is it conceivable that one of these Bernards is a flashback to when Ford utilized the Cradle to reenact his resistance? Vague now, however something a wide range of whack is going on, and Westworld made it truly certain that numerous Bernards are an undeniable plausibility on account of this minute:

Westworld TV Series

Ugh, Don’t Forget the Loop Theory

Not to worry anybody, but rather please remember that Present-Day Bernard may be on a circle. There’s madly convincing proof that something abnormal is continuing, including however not constrained to the way that he realized what Karl would state before he said it in Episode 1.

What’s more, a few coherence blunders scene-to-scene—like this Delos PC appearing to be totally unique in two shots. All in all, why put Bernard on a circle? Probably, Delos is attempting to trap his convoluted code into settling itself by demonstrating him activating pictures—like the assemblages of hosts in a single circle, Ford’s dead carcass in another circle, and Teresa’s murder and his own robot dopplegangers in this circle. The reason? Inspiring Bernard to surrender a key snippet of data: The area of Abernathy’s mind unit.

Source: Westworld Just Debuted It’s Most Confusing and Mind-Blowing Episode Yet


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Westworld Just Debuted It’s Most Confusing and Mind-Blowing Episode Yet